Why Hire Us

Why Hire Banay Superintendents

At Banay Superintendents, our service is comprehensive and intuitive. With our Construction Superintendents on your job site, you will have peace of mind.
Fully Licensed & Insured

Types of Projects we are involved with

Ground Up

Our construction superintendents are ready for the challenge of ground up construction. We will facilitate the obtaining of permits and be active on site from start to finish.

Interior Renovations

No job is too small or simple. As long as it requires a construction superintendent, Banay Superintendents is up for the task. We will make regular daily site visits to ensure compliance, giving our input when needed.

Building Enlargements

As per DOB code, all vertical and horizontal enlargements require a construction superintendent, in order to mitigate any potential hazards. Enlargements are risky due to the nature of the job and our construction superintendents will guide your work crew through the process.

Types of Buildings We Service

Residential Buildings

We enjoy working closely with home owners and contractors on residential projects to ensure a quick finish and a violation free job site.

Commercial Buildings

Over sized buildings are not a problem. If you have a huge commercial building, we are up to the task of keeping your project in full compliance with NYC building code.

Mixed Use Buildings

Our Construction superintendents are ready for the challenge of mixed use buildings, where their project management expertise can play a vital role.

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Our skilled professionals are here to help you every step of the way.