A Licensed Construction Superintendent is needed, whenever you are building a vertical or horizontal extension, alteration or demolition of more than fifty percent (50%) of the floor area or doing work that requires a special inspection for underpinning or the protection of sides of excavations. If you are doing any of these tasks, our Licensed Construction Superintendents are here to serve you.

Our Licensed Construction Superintendents will ensure your job site is safe and up to code. Site Safety Supervision is our specialty, and no one offers a more comprehensive experience. Our Site Safety Superintendents will keep your site in full compliance so you can meet your deadlines.

License Construction Superintendent role

Our Licensed Construction Superintendents will perform daily site visits, no exceptions, every day! During these visits they will communicate with the foreman or general contractor as to the day to day activities of the jobsite. They will supply your jobsite with customized safety logs, pre-shift meeting logs, sign-in logs, scaffold/shed logs, OSHA certification logs, safety orientation logs and most importantly daily construction superintendent logs. We will ensure all workers are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and they are not taking any unnecessary safety risk on site. Weekly toolbox talks stipulated by DOB will also be supplied to every customer.

As per local law 204, code section 3301.12.1 pre-shift safety meetings should be conducted by the competent person. Apart from providing these logs our Certified Construction Superintendents will follow up to ensure the competent person is having these meetings.

We will work with your competent person on site to ensure he/she understands when and how to use all forms and ensure they are filled out in the correct way and at the correct time. Record keeping is essential to the DOB. If the site has proper records/logs and good housekeeping, this greatly minimizes your chance of getting a violation.

Our Site Safety Superintendents will play an integral role in the jobsite operations by attending any scheduled DOB visit. Our Construction Superintendents will also attempt to be at the jobsite when there is an impromptu visit by the DOB. We will make our way to your site if we are informed that a DOB inspector is on site. Each Licensed Construction Superintendent has many years of dealing with the DOB and will defend your jobsite activities during these DOB visit.

Quality Control

Apart from the safety of your jobsite, our License Construction Superintendent will ensure quality control since this is also a top priority of ours. We will ensure the workmanship and building practices on site are of the highest standard and no shortcuts are being taken. The quality of tools and material will also be examined by our Licensed Construction Superintendents. If we find defective tools or worn out tools, we will ask for the immediate removal of use since bad tools often lead to accidents and injury, not to mention, heavy fines by OSAH and the DOB.

Beyond the call of duty

Our company is committed to the highest standard of service, as we believe each customer’s satisfaction is directly responsible for our overall success as a Licensed Construction Superintendent company.

If budget is an issue, we will work with our customers and still offer a high standard of service. Issues with the architect or engineer! We will engage them in dialog and attempt to resolve any problems. If for any reason your site has a violation or stop work order before we start providing our services, we will schedule a re-inspection with the DOB to rescind the stop work order. We will also assist in the removal of existing violations and issuing of certificates of corrections. We aim to be more than just a Construction Superintendent company as we strived to be the one location for all your construction needs.

Need a site safety plan? As outlined by Local Law 81 of 2017, which states that it is needed at any job requiring a Registered Construction Superintendent. Our company can also be contracted to provide one.

Our reputation

Many of our customers were referred to us by past satisfied customers. Our other customers are repeat customers who seek the highest level of jobsite safety and overall construction knowledge from a Registered Construction Superintendent.

We are insured and fully licensed in many aspects of construction. Our knowledge and experience will allow your jobsite to operate efficiently without violations or stop work orders.


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