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Daily Site Inspections

Our licensed construction superintendents will visit each job site daily to write up a report on the day to day activities of the job site and to sign the DOB required log book.

Weekly Electronic Reports

We will supply each client with a weekly electronic report which details the progress of the project, along with site photos. We will also notify clients of any delays or incidents over the past week.

Site Safety Compliance

Safety is our highest priority. Our construction superintendents will ensure the job site is in full compliance with all NYC building codes and regulations.

Approved Plans Compliance

Our construction superintendents will ensure all work is in accordance with the approved plans and Chapter 33 of the NYC building code.

Competent Person Designation

We will designate a competent person on site and walk him/her through all the day to day requirements of the DOB. We will be in close communication with that individual.

Site Visit Representation

In the event of a Department of Buildings re-inspection, our construction superintendents will be in attendance to communicate with the inspector.

DOB Monitoring

We do daily monitoring of the DOB website in order to determine if any complaints were made, allowing us time to take corrective action on site before a building inspector can visit the site and potentially issue a violation.

Quality Control

Our construction superintendents will not only ensure the plans are being followed, we will ensure the quality of work is to the highest standard, and no shortcuts or inferior workmanship is being implemented.

Site Document Verification

Our licensed superintendents will ensure that all permits (FDNY, DOT, DOB, DEP), and licenses, have been obtained and are present on site. We will also verify that workers have the necessary OSHA training or relevant certification.

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